Workforce Development Projects


CEG work with industry to ensure we assist you to take care of what’s important – Your Team!

CEG can assist you to stabilise your workforce by providing the Professional Development opportunities that are required to keep your team up to date with licences and qualifications.

We maintain a clear focus on what is important to you and CEG have staff that are specialised in assisting industry with securing new staff that have the appropriate skill level to step into the roles that you require and/or train existing staff to ensure they can grow within your company in the roles that you require to be filled.

If you are looking to expand your workforce; we can work with you to determine the skill gaps that need to be filled for you to continue the work on what’s important – your product and/or service.

CEG believe it is important to assist industry in their upskilling of their existing staff; we offer a number of training programs and licences to ensure this is done in a timely manner and in an environment where specialised Trainers and Assessors have the most up to date industry knowledge.

We believe it is important that industry continues to increase their knowledge of existing staff for the following reasons: It will assist you and your business to increase productivity; your staff may require less supervision; it may increase staff morale; help you to improve retention rates; will reduce the need for your business to bring in industry specialists at times in which it is critical to do and importantly it shows your staff that you are committed to them.

For all workforce development enquiries, please contact CEG on 1300 885 697 or