Employment, Mentoring and Understanding Program

As part of the Indigenous Skills and Employment Program (ISEP), the Employment, Mentoring and Understanding (EMU) program supports the work-readiness of Indigenous youth aged 15-24 years. Designed with your needs in mind, the program aims to equip you with skills and support to succeed in the workforce.

You’ll receive support on everything, from exploring careers in growing industries, to finding opportunities that match your interests and abilities, such as apprenticeships, traineeships, and other types of work.

Pre-Employment Support Training
Gain skills that will help you to transition into the workforce, with support tailored to you and your needs. Access training to gain the skills and knowledge needed to work and succeed in a range of industries.
Employment Pathways Industry Engagement
Receive support in finding and undertaking employment opportunities, including apprenticeships, traineeships, and casual, part-time, or full-time work. Explore industries that interest you by taking part in site visits, workplace observations and work experience, and connect with industry role models.

To find out more about the program, visit the NIAA website.

How do I take part in the program?

Places are limited – register your interest now by filling out the form below, or email us at emu@ceg.net.au