Complaints And Appeals Process

In the event of a student wishing to lodge a complaint, a formal or informal approach will initially need to be made by the student (or a nominated representative chosen by the student) to the student’s trainer/assessor who will attempt to find a resolution.

If, however, the complaint involves the client’s trainer/assessor, a formal complaint in writing must be made by the student (or a nominated representative) to the CEG – Training Partnerships Compliance Manager on 08 8645 6816 or via email

All attempts will be made to resolve the complaint internally through a reconciliation process with all parties involved.  If, however, the complaint cannot be resolved internally, those involved will be consulted as to the selection of the appropriate legal/impartial body to act as an objective and impartial arbitrator. Those involved may be represented by a third party in any subsequent discussion if they so wish.

In the event of a student wishing to appeal their assessment a fair and impartial appeals process is available to students within 28 days after the student has been formally issued with the results of their assessment.

Any student wishing to appeal their assessment result must first discuss the issue with the trainer/assessor. If the student wishes to proceed further with their appeal, after discussions with the trainer/assessor, a formal request must be made in writing to the CEG – Training Partnerships Compliance Manager outlining the reason(s) for the appeal.  The CEG – Training Partnerships Compliance Manager will implement a formal Appeal Process and will record the appeal in writing. Every effort will be made to settle the appeal to everyone’s satisfaction.

An independent person or panel will hear each appeal.  Each appellant will have an opportunity to formally present their case and will be given a written statement of the appeal outcomes, including reasons for the decision.

Should the outcome of an appeal not be acceptable to the student, they will be informed, in writing, of the opportunity to lodge a complaint with the Training Advocate.

Nothing in this policy precludes an individual to address their complaint with the:

Office of the Training Advocate

Contact Details are as follows:

Office Hours: Monday to Friday 8:30am – 5:30pm

Phone (toll free): 1800 006 488

The above 1800 006 488 phone service is monitored after hours in urgent circumstances – in urgent circumstances please leave a message so an office can contact you as soon as possible


Physical Address:

Ground Floor

55 Currie Street (Entrance doors at Bus Stop W1 on Currie Street)

Adelaide SA 5000

Postal Address:

GPO Box 320, ADELAIDE SA 5001