Group Training

The Easy Way to bring an apprentice or trainee into your business.

Simply put CEG employs the apprentice or trainee and then hosts them to the employer (host employer).   As the legal employer CEG takes care of all the processes necessary to employ an apprentice or trainee.

CEG takes the complexity out of employing Apprentices and Trainees.

It takes care of the following:

  • Marketing for the vacancy
  • Aptitude testing
  • Short listing of candidates that will be referred to the employer for consideration and selection
  • All of the paperwork requirements to commence the apprentice or trainee
  • Payroll
  • The management of the apprentices/trainees off the job training
  • the legislative and statutory requirements
  • Disciplinary matters
  • Return to work management plans
  • Mentoring support for the apprentice or trainee
  • Flexibility, if for any reason the apprentice or trainee is not suitable or your workflow has changed the apprentice or trainee can be handed back to CEG. CEG’s Group Training service is cost effective and offers employers an alternative to directly employing an apprentice or trainee.

Minimise the risk

Businesses looking to commence an apprentice or trainee are usually guessing that the person they have selected will fit into their business.  Statistics on apprenticeships and traineeships indicate that only 50% of apprenticeships and traineeships succeed.

As experts in the field of managing apprenticeships and traineeships CEG achieves much higher completion rates than the National average  for both apprenticeships and traineeships. (approx 80% for apprenticeships & 65% for traineeships)

CEG’s Consultants and Administration support have many years of experience in assisting employers, apprentices and trainees through issues encountered in the course of their Contract of Training.  This support assists with the apprentice and trainee retention rates and provides peace of mind to the host employer. In the scenario where the host employer no longer requires the apprentice or trainee they are simply handed back with one week’s notice, it is then left  to CEG to find an alternative placement so that the apprentice or trainee can complete their qualification.

To find out how CEG’s Group Training service can make commencing an apprentice or trainee easy, whilst also minimising the risks that come with employing the apprentice or trainee directly then

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